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The Beacon November 2014

Beacon November 2014


Choosing a Contractor

By Wendy Manley, CKD
An important part of any renovation product is the contractor hired to do the work. This choice is an extremely important one. There are so many contractors in the Jupiter/Tequesta area and finding the right one for the job can be a tough decision.
There are several things to consider when choosing. The first, and most important, would be to make sure the contractor is a licensed General Contractor (GC).  Any construction on your property should be done by a crew of licensed and insured personnel. This is to ensure that the work all of the GC’s subcontractors will be to code. And, also, that any unfortunate injuries or accidents in your home will be covered by their Workman’s Compensation insurance. Second, would be to find out if the project requires a permit and is your GC willing to obtain one for all aspects of the job. Building codes have gotten much stricter in recent years.  While pulling a permit may seem like a hassle in the beginning, it is much more of a hassle to get caught in the middle of a project without one. The fines and time delays are just not […]

The Beacon October 2014

Counter top Choices

By Wendy Manley, CKD


There are so many choices to make when selecting materials for a new living space. Whether it be a kitchen, bath, outdoor BBQ or an office – counter tops are something for which the possibilities can endless.

Gone are the days of limited counter top options like granite, Corian or laminate. Quartz is a newer and quite popular material that has some great qualities along with many, many color options. It is a very hard and non-porous material, meaning that it is very durable and it’s cleanliness lends itself to use in even commercial environments, like hospitals.  Another nice feature of quartz is that it never has to be sealed. This is unlike granite and marble which do require resealing periodically.

Recycled products are also becoming quite popular for counter tops. Recycled glass counter tops are an attractive option for many spaces. The glass arrangements in these tops can often provide the “BLING” of the new space, definitely making it a conversation piece.

Concrete (cement) is another viable option. Although concrete doesn’t offer as many color choices as other counter top materials, the look of a concrete top is can be quite stunning. Concrete offers a commercial style […]

Beacon September 2014

By Wendy Manley, CKD


The View…by Waterview Kitchens


Replace or Re-face? It’s a question that many homeowners ask when contemplating a kitchen or bath remodel. There are several key factors to be determined when deciding how in depth of a project to undertake. Replacing just the doors and facing on cabinetry, called “Re-facing”, often works for a quick facelift. But are the boxes of the cabinets in good shape? Are the drawer systems in good working order? How long will the boxes and drawer systems continue to remain in good condition? Does the layout of the kitchen work or would it be better to relocate appliances, sinks and cabinetry layout? And the most important question, which of the two is the more economical choice?

Obviously, if the cabinet boxes are falling apart and the drawer systems are not working well, re-facing the doors and drawers will only be a temporary “Band-Aid” fix the situation. Replacing the cabinetry with brand new materials will be your long term solution. If the layout of the kitchen/bath isn’t working for you, the re-face option won’t do much to help that. Meeting with and redesigning the room with a Certified Kitchen/Bath designer would be your best […]