The steps will naturally vary by project, but following is a general outline of what you can expect.

Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
Preliminary Meeting Detail Drawings Confirming measurements/site overview
Planning Session Material, Finishes & Design Delivery & Installation
Conceptual design development Contract Final Walk-through


Preliminary meeting. A visit to our showroom, where we get to know one another and provide you with the opportunity to become familiar with our resources, capabilities and approach to projects.
Design Process Client Meeting

Planning Session. This may occur at your home or at our showroom. At this time we will look to gather all the information to get started. This may include the following:

Plans for the space being addressed. If appropriate, we will take our own set of detailed measurements to develop the existing space dimensions.
We will discuss your description of the look and style for the new environment. You may find it helpful to gather images that represent the look you seek to achieve.
A discussion of appliance options. Your choice of appliances and fixtures will impact on the space plan.
We will jointly develop a project timeline. This helps get the project started on track and will help make sure that it stays on track through completion.

Conceptual design development. With all the data gathered at the planning stage, we will put together a number of concepts. At a follow-up meeting we will review the plan with you in detail and will adjust the plan based on the conversation. We typically follow this with a project budget and formalize our relationship with you through a design retainer.

Detail drawings. We will prepare detailed plans that, upon approval, will be used for both construction and installation of your cabinetry.

Materials, Finishes and Design Elements. Once the plan has been set, we will then work with you to select the trim details. This will include choices in wood species, color and finish, as well as various style elements. In many instances, we will order a custom sample door for your review and approval. At this time, we will also confirm appliance and plumbing fixture selections, and provide direction for countertops, backsplashes, flooring and lighting.
Design Process Materials

Contract. With a detailed plan and color/style selections in hand, we can now prepare a contract for the cabinetry. Upon acceptance of the contract, an order with the millwork will be placed and a delivery date scheduled. If so desired, we will include installation with this contract.

Confirming measurements/site overview. During the course of construction, we will verify measurements of your space, along with location of plumbing and electrical rough-in, so that any needed adjustments may be made prior to delivery of the cabinetry. We will provide assistance to the contractor as appropriate to address questions that may arise.

Delivery and installation. Our team will handle delivery, insuring complete and accurate receipt of the cabinetry. During installation, your project will be visited numerous times by the designer and project manager to review every aspect of how the kitchen comes together. We will keep the client fully informed and involved as the installation proceeds. Following is a typical construction sequence for a remodeling project:

  • Demolition of existing space.
  • Rough construction of new space.
  • Electrical and plumbing rough-in.
  • Sub-flooring and wall construction.
  • Flooring installation and rough finish.
  • Cabinet positioning and setting.
  • Cabinet decorative panel installation.
  • Countertop measurements/templates.
  • Electrical trim.
  • Appliance installation.
  • Countertop installation.
  • Plumbing connections.
  • Finish floors.
  • Install base, running and crown trim for cabinetry.
  • Install backsplash and lighting.
  • Cabinetry adjustment.

Final walk-through. The designer and project manager will review the completed project with the client to make sure that every aspect of the completed work is to the satisfaction of the client.