Beacon August 2014
By Wendy Manley, CKD


Embarking on a new business and understanding the surrounding real estate market is key in developing the concept and development of a new company’sbusiness plan. Fortunately, here in the Jupiter/Tequesta area, we are in a recovering economical market. For the first time in several years, homeowners are remodeling their homes or building new. Both are terrific for the local American economy. The question of who and where to buy the new products locally, which go into completing these projects, is of utmost importance.  Quality and, of course, budget are the most important factors in making a decision of which local companies to choose for the projects. In a tighter economy, many homeowners would have sacrificed overall long standing quality for a more budget friendly option and a product with inferior properties.

Today, the local trend seems to be that shoppers are making educated purchasing decisions based on longevity & quality. The good news is that these readily available & reasonably priced products are made, right here, in the United States. There are still the less costly options on the market though. These products, unfortunately, are mostly made in China or other countries. Often, there is no way to really tell these carefully marketed products origin of production. And purchasing these camouflaged foreign products are not only not good for the American economy, they can come with other harmful effects.

Choosing products not made in the USA may be available cheaper but they often can come with a heftier price on healthcare.They are often infested with formaldehyde, sulfur and lead. Take for example, kitchen cabinets.  Food, cooking ware & dishware stored in kitchen cabinets made with these products are exposed to these harmful elements. Unlike in the USA, there are no government regulations in China controlling the emission of these toxic releases. Therefore, it is difficult to gage how many of these bad fumes are making their way into our bodies through the stored food, etc. The vapors released from these types of cabinets will seep into our interior living spaces and be ingested and inhaled daily.

Here, at Waterview Kitchens in Tequesta, we are proud to be an exclusive dealer of Crystal Cabinet Works. Crystal has been making quality furniture grade cabinetry in the USA since 1947. Their average employee has been employed by Crystal for more than 22 years!

It really just makes sense to buy American. It is the right and patriotic way to live, as proud Americans, in a county on an economic upswing. Equally important is to live as healthy Americans, eliminating as much as we can from toxic outside foreign forces.